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Richard Bona

Data from Wikipedia.

The Jazz Bassit Richard Bona was born in 1967 in the town of Minta, in eastern The Cameroon.

Bona began learning to play the guitar at age 11, and in 1980 aged just 13, he assembled his first ensemble for a French jazz club in Douala. The owner befriended him and helped him discover jazz music and, notably including Jaco Pastorius in particular, whose work inspired Bona to switch his focus to the electric bass.

Bona emigrated to Germany at the age of 22, soon relocating to France, where he furthered his studies in music.
In France, he regularly played in various jazz clubs and in 1995 Richard left France and moved to New York, where he still lives and works. He has being playing with top-tier artists like Larry Coryell.

His first album solo was released in 1999 - Scenes of my life. He has also been featured in many other albums by various top-tier jazz musicians.
He played with with Joe Zawinul in the Zawinul Sydicate.
In 2002 Bona went on a world tour with the Pat Metheny Group.
In 2005 Bona released his fourth album Tiki, which included a collaboration with John Legend on one track, entitled "Please Don't Stop."

He is currently a professor of music at New York University.

Find some great performances in YouTube.

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